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I almost never post on livejournal, I don't really know how to use it. But I figure I might as well post some videos I've made since Hi Max. So, enjoy!


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Last night had a dream about a bunch of angry little bugs that lived under my toes and started a complex society that involved a religious civil war that led to a highly evolved upper class that lived in a magical crystal city and a morbidly deformed lower class that lived in the infinite desert; under my toes. I believe this is the residual memory from the real world of my being unhappy about how most of my socks smell when I wear my own shoes, but I like my brown shoes better than my other shoes, because I don't need to tie them and they keep my feet especially warm, hence the sweating and/or smelling. 

Yesterday I filmed scene 5 from Fuzzy Buttons in Mark Baard's room. Baard was a great guy about the whole thing, and I'm going to make him an assistant director in the credits and do a sappy "In Memory Of" sequence at the end of the credits and claim that he died this year saving Orphans and orphaned kittens from a burning building. The scene was shot in a little over an hour like I'd actually planned, which almost never happens. I credit this success to Ben and Mike's very compatible/ entertaining performances; also the sound and light came out just as I'd pictured the scene in my head, which is all anyone can ask for.

I'm supposed to be at both Mark Baard's first mini-video project tomorrow at 7 as well as at the Bruins game with Pat Ryan tomorrow at seven, creating a conflict. I will address how this conflict is resolved in my next journal entry, as I do not know how to fix it yet.

Also, business with the History Major Records people is going well, I should be meeting up with Leo and Jerry soon, though I fear that they too want me to film something tomorrow. Anyways, I emailed Jerry about an hour ago and he didn't say anything about it, nor has he brought anything of the sort up in conversation, so I'm not too worried about it.
I ate the rest of the ham I bought Monday night with Spencer and Racquel and I woke up with cramps again. I will no longer eat ham late at night.

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Half Crazy music video. A stop motion short by Ryan Murphy. Music by "The Administrator" Patrick O'Brien of B.C. High. A 2007 Rojhelio Studios Production
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An artistically modified version of the live performance of "Ode to Crayola" by the one and only Lemon Demon from the Plain Street Studios, Rockland MA. Vocals and keyboard by Neil Cicierega, Bass guitar by Alora Lanzillotta, and lead guitar by Charles "Chooch" Sergio. Recorded November 17th. Editing and stop motion animation by Ryan Murphy.
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LEGO animation at its finest. The tale of the Brave Ninja Shinji, who defeated the evil wizard (Voldermort) and countless evil robots, dinosaurs, alligators, pirates, British Imperialists, and Sharks. Dungeon defeating, time traveling, cryogenic freezing, spaceship flying, and Samurai squashing are all in a days work for such Brave Ninjas. Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
Animation, voice acting, and editing by Ryan Murphy. A 2007 Rojhelio Studios Production. Features Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Dinosaur LEGOS
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he Adventures of Pig Newton, a loveable stop motion pig, as he battles robots and monsters. Song by Neil Cicierega of Lemon Demon, "This Hyper World" from the album Dinosaurchestra. Animation, editing, and story by Ryan Murphy, 2006 Rojhelio Studios (more)
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